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August 17-18th, 2024

Fresno Fairgrounds

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Fresno's best Halloween and horror convention! Get ready for the spookiest event of the year!

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About Hauntmare Expo

Celebrity Guests: Brett Wagner (Kemper kill Leatherface) in the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Also featured in The Crazies and Sons of Anarchy. Professional photo op available with Brett Wagner. 


Tony Moran (unmasked Michael Myers) 

1978 HALLOWEEN. Professional photo op available with Tony Moran. 

Other guests include: Leonora Scelfo and Nancy Anne

 Ridder from Scream. Conner McCullagh Season 1 winner of the Sci-Fi 

show Face Off. Also featuring Rashaad Santiago and Nora Hewett-Gervig 

As the Season 6 and season 9 winners of Face Off. 

Come test your bravery with our Nightmares Crypt building. A

20,000 square foot building shrouded in almost complete darkness.

Featuring 5 terrifying indoor Haunted Attractions, Provided by:

Team Skream, Nightmare on Main Street, Higbee’s Haunt, and



Also featuring 3 Escape Rooms, a Rage Room, and and a spin chilling

VR Experience. 200+ spooky venders and food. Halloween props,

Animatronics, masks, costumes, toys, and collectibles. You can 

find it all at Hauntmare Expo. Stalk us @hauntmareexpo

on Instagram and facebook. 

Celebrity Guests

Our guest list is continuing to grow and change almost daily. Check back for updates to this list. Also follow us on Instagram @HauntareExpo for all updates.

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Special Guest

Our guest list is continuing to grow and change almost daily. Check back for updates to this list. Also follow us on Instagram @HauntareExpo for all updates.

Special Guests

At Hauntmare Expo, you'll have the chance to meet our Special Guest. Get autographs, take photos, and hear them talk about their careers and experiences.

Haunted Attractions

Horror Panels

Our horror panels feature experts in the field discussing everything from horror literature to the latest trends in horror movies and TV shows. You'll learn about the craft of horror and get insights into what makes this genre so compelling.


Featuring 5 in door haunted houses, 3 escape rooms, A rage room, and VR gaming center.


Our exhibits showcase the best in horror art, props, and collectibles. You'll find everything from life-size monsters to rare movie memorabilia.

Costume Contest

Show off your best Halloween costume at our annual costume contest. You could win cash prizes and bragging rights!

VR Horror Gaming

Get your scare on with our horror gaming section, featuring the VR horror-themed video games. Hosted by The Broken Controller.

Panel Guest Speakers


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Fresno Fairgrounds

1121 S Chance Ave

Fresno, CA 93702

We're always happy to hear from our fans. Drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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